Friday, November 20, 2015

Dish Scraper - Best Use of a Credit Card

So, you got a credit card application in the mail.  One of the fancy ones with the little plastic card to show you how cool the card would look in your hand.  Congratulations!  Now, shred the application and put the card by the sink!

Dish scraper is a great use for the tough, flexible plastic that finds its way into your home.  Put the unbidden plastic to use!  These are great scrapers for the ceramic and Teflon pans that inevitably get something stuck on them despite their chemical properties and claims.  Also, they are great scrapers for glass, ceramic, or porcelain coated appliance tops.

If you don't have credit card applications being dumped in your mailbox, you can also use hotel keys, old debit cards, gift cards - anything of a hard 'solid' plastic (beware laminated papers!).

Further Sink-Side Buddies:

If you need more scrubby options, consider keeping the mesh from any produce you buy in quantity.  Use a rubber band or bread clip to ball it up and put it in a jar with your scraper.  These scrubbies work great for everything from rubbing down fresh carrots and tators (thus preventing the need to peel) to sloughing off the stuck-on microwaved egg bowl.

Now, there are those who abhor plastic touching food items, and I agree that the chances of these recycled plastics being BPA free is unlikely.  In fact, the PVC that makes up credit cards and the like are quite toxic at a molecular level.  I get around this myself by thinking along the lines of 'hope for the best and rinse twice'.  For those avoiding plastics, you likely have hard-wearing surfaces in your kitchen anyway, so invest in a chainmail glove to scrub your cast iron and natural bristle brush for your metals.  However you operate your kitchen, just don't pay for plastic scrubbies and scrapers!

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